How To Craft A Top 5%
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Studies show that the bottom 80% of men (in terms of attractiveness) are competing for the bottom 22% of women. Thus tinder has more inequality than 95% of the world´s economies. But it also means your chances skyrocket once you know how beat the field.

We at TinderMentor show you exactly what it takes to become a part of the elusive circle of men who can choose from literally millions of girls around the world using dating apps.
How Can This Take You To The Top Of The Crop?
Craft A Killer Profile
Learn a few subtle but extremely potent profile hacks. We will show you how to make all the other guys in your area look dull and boring in comparison.
Always Know What To Text
Develop a sixth sense for the seemingly secret language that girls use when texting. Be witty and chill while always being in control of the conversation.
No Bad Dates Ever Again!
Girls will ask you out on dates - a lot. Knowing where the fun´s at (and where it´s not) will feel like having anti-bad-date superpowers.
What Are You Waiting For?
This is the world´s leading online dating mentoring program - where together with you we take the exact steps needed to crush it in your online dating life.
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